Aaron Drexler

A young goal-driven entrepreneur, Aaron has had the opportunity to work with affluent to HNWIs from doctors to CEOs. Growing up with an entrepreneurial father, he learned to think like a businessman at a very young age. Spending much of his time studying everything he could about business and marketing through books and online resources, it was only a couple years after high school when he decided to pursue his goals and start his own business. After a mix of failure and success, Aaron was able to hone his business model. He is now the CEO of Euvoia Holdings Inc.; a parent company of select brands and businesses, Founder of Euvoia Labs™; a redefined digital agency and accelerator, and Co-Founder of Tramskrow Media™; a creative still and motion production studio.

He was put to the test after taking the opportunity to help a startup in the medical industry. Within a year, Aaron has helped his client generate revenues in the millions and has been able to outperform several competitors through Google advertising.

Aaron is also an investor in the new TopDolls™ App, he's the ambassador for Hotpoint App, works with the marketing team at Goldlok Vodka, and is also involved in a few other undisclosed business ventures.

He has a passion for helping others (including animals) and is involved in many charitable and life changing organizations which include the Best Friends Animal Society, APLA, Youth Speak! Collective and The Cybersmile Foundation. His company, Euvoia Labs is a sponsor for Katy Johnson's One Model Mission.

During his spare time, he loves traveling, mountain biking, and exploring the outdoors from hiking to backpacking and bushcraft. Through these activities, he co-founded Operation Boondocks with his business partner and best friend, Chris Wetzel.